Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sacred 2 Review

Dropped into a vast open world, the sheer size of Sacred 2 will not dissapoint. From lush grassland, to fiery volcanic plains, to eerie swamps, Sacred 2 has a wide variety of environments to hack, and slash your way through! With over 161,000 Kilometres of epic landscapes to explore, and over 600 quests to complete you can be sure, that this game is going to be a hoot!

Sacred 2 offers 6 professions to choose from, each with their own unique traits, and Combat Arts (We'll touch on this later). As well as a huge level grind all the way up to level 200. You can choose from a wide variety of Skills, and Attributes, offering each profession hundreds of different ways of playing them. Each profession has a unique Mount, in which they can ride and fight with. There is a massive variety of Weapons, and Armour to collect, along with Unique Armour which have their own bonus' to your Character, so wether you're a Farmer, a Grinder, or just like Questing, Sacred 2 takes certain ingredients from different RPG's, and bakes a tasty cake with them.

Combat Arts are like your "Skill Bar", offering lots of different ways of hacking your foe to the ground. There is a wide variety of enemies to hunt down and kill, from huge dragon bosses, to pesky goblins... But don't think this is all easy peasy lemon squeezy... Each Enemy you come across requires a different method of killing them. For example, some monsters may be weak to fire, and others may have a higher resistance to it! However, you may not need to work on a stretegy in the easier game modes, but once you reach the Platinum mode, that's when you'll need to take things slowly, rather than carelessly running into a huge mob of monsters whilst shouting "Eeeyaaargh!".

There are some bad points in Sacred 2...

There are 5 difficulty modes, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Niob. Only when you reach Platinum, that's when things start to get tricky. But the problem is, you can only start a Character on either Bronze, or Silver. But you have to Complete the main quest in order to progress up to the next difficulty level. Which can be extremely boring!

Another bad point is that there are a few bugs crawling around, especially in the Game Save region. You need to be careful when saving, since it's all too easy to get a Corrupt Save. Meaning all those hours hacking and slashing are put to waste. Also, the Main Quest is a bit dull, especially to begin with, but it picks up later in the game.

This game is a definate buy for any RPG fan, with massive environments, and a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and armour, It definately pushes the right buttons. A must have for RPG fans.

4 player co-op online and 2 player offline.

I give this game a 9/10.

Due to it's massive environments, and wide variety of enemies. Along with massive replay potential. However, a few nasty bugs prevent it from recieving a perfect 10.

Review written by: BlahYourHamster

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