Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dead Space Ps3 £9.99

reading todays paper and the argos sales leaflets drop out and notice a crackin deal for a great game which is supprising as argos dont usually have good prices.

Theres Dead space £9.99 Ps3
Fight Night Round 3 Ps3 £9.79
Banjo Kazooie Nuts n bolts xbox 360 £9.99
Resistance Fall of man ps3 £9.79
Motorstorm Ps3 £9.79
Wii speak £9.39
Wii compatable steering wheel £2.99

Also noticed a Bush 19" HD digital LCD DVD combi for £144.99

Just been on the website and its online aswell

noticed online they have Advanced warfighter 2 for £9.79, ive changed some of the prices as they are 9.79 online so would be in store


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