Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Below is a list of new plans and components needed to make them. The only component without a plan at the moment is Otherworldly Chitin hopefully this will be included in a future update.

Also i've found that the brainiac diode parts are extremely rare and only seem to drop in south Gotham i've received six so far after hours of farming there.

My Favorite plan so far static grenade due to the stun and damage it does from range, most of the others are good to but you need to be within melee range to use but these are great for clipping powers so they have a good side and bad unless you are a melee character lol.

Ancient Vellum
Found: Mannheim's Chinese Theater (Heroes)
Used For: Karmic Hex

Battery Fragments
Found: Lantern Recruit (low droprate)
Used For: Cryogenic Solution, Mass Provocation Agent

Brainiac Diode
Found: Brainiac Bounders in South Gotham
Used For: Explosive Detonator, Polarization Mechanism

Cybernetic Actuator
Found: Omacs around Knightsdome
Used For: Expendable Disguise: Amazon, Expendable Disguise: Brainiac Unit, Expendable Disguise: HIVE Drone, Expendable Disguise: Assassin, Expendable Disguise: Morrowbot, Electrostatic Pulse Device, Static Grenade

Enchanted Beast Horn
Found: Beastiamorph Berserker (Heroes), Beastimorphs near Giganta/Minotaur (Heroes)
Used For: Ampoule of Terror

Metagene Fusing Solution
Found: Star Labs Facility Challenge (Heroes), Lexcorp Agents around the Metro Hospital (Heroes)
Used For: Formula of Crushing, Napalm Atomizer, Shock Inducer

Overcharged Matter
Found: Paradox Reapers in CC (low droprate)
Used For: Mass Shadow Concoction

Otherworldly Chitin
Found: Soul Reavers and Greed Demons on the Trigon Rising storyline
Used For: ?

Silicon Wafer
Found: Falcone's men near Cape Carmine Lighthouse (Heroes), GCPD (Villains)
Used For: Dazing Device, Personal Dampening Field


  1. Your missing Inferno Module and I think a few more.

    I dont have the plans but just thought I would let you know.

    But glad you made this list, helps in buying the plans what I want or need.

  2. Update, Inferno and others are drops in Duos and T1 raids. its a shame they are better than the one you make with the plans, also these plans and the consumable items created from them are only good on the toon that researched and made them.

    not account bound cant trade with your other toons.

    The Toon who made them is the only one who can use them.

    Make sure you know this before you buy them, or suffer buyers remorse.

  3. I still don't have a clue what the plans are called for the following R&D components: Brainiac Diode, Otherworldly Chitin, Enchanted Beast Horn, & Cybernetic Actuator?