Tuesday, 28 July 2009

2 PS3 Games for £30

Think this deal is part of their new catalogue so it will probably stick around for ages.

Noticed some decent games as part of the deal, also the games are £17.59 individually which for some is a good deal.

Some of the games included are:
* Motorstorm Pacific Rift
* Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
* Resistance 2
* Oblivion
* Bioshock
* Prince of Persia
* Burnout Paradise
* MC vs. DC Universe
* Battlefield Bad Company
& some others

Some games may be cheaper individually else-where but not if you want both games.

Can't get the direct link to work for some reason. Can reserve online & then pick up from your local branch.

New Argos catalogue out today July 25th.


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