Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Eidos Set Traps For Pirates In Arkham Asylum

Eidos has set a rather sneaky trap in Batman: Arkham Asylum in an attempt to clamp down on pirating. As one pirate recently discovered, the vital Glide ability removes itself from the game if a legitimate copy isn’t being played. A message on the official forums highlighted this problem for the previously mentioned pirate:

“Cheshirec_the_cat (The Pirate)

I’ve got a problem when it’s time to use Batman’s glide in the game. When I hold , like it’s said to jump from one platform to another, Batman tries to open his wings again and again instead of gliding. So he falls down in a poisoning gas. If somebody could tell me, what should I do there?

Keir (Eidos)

The problem you have encountered is a hook in the copy protection, to catch out people who try and download cracked versions of the game for free.

It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.”

Hopefully now people with a “bug” in their “moral code” will think twice before downloading illegal copies of a game.

Expect more games to go down this path in the future. I support this 100% why should developers lose out after all the hard work they have put in.

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