Friday, 14 August 2009

MAG Official Release Date


The team at Zipper and SCEA are happy to announce that MAG will hit North American retailers on January 26th, 2010.I would expect MAG to release on the 29th in Europe as that’s a Friday.The release date had been rumoured of late to be sometime in early 2010 instead of the first thought fall 2009 release date.

You may of heard by now that the MAG beta is under way and emails are being sent out in the US to register to be invited to the beta, if you have not received a email don’t worry they will be sent out in waves just like the Home emails were. While here in Europe it’s been announced that only beta testers will be invited at the moment.With the game coming out in January of 2010, it should be more then enough time to sort out all the problems that may arise in the beta, and hopefully more people will be invited from the non beta/Gap testers as the game will need a lot of players to really test out those 256 player servers.

If you have not received an email yet and would like a chance to be in the beta the only thing i can suggest is try to be active on the MAG forums and if its anything like the Home invites, try to be active on your PS3 otherwise why would they invite someone who only plays their PS3 a few hours a month. 

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