Saturday, 15 August 2009

Biznitch's top Demo picks! (Part 2)

As regular readers may know, I have currently been neglecting all my real games on the PS3 (and for that matter, every other console) to focus on the cheaper things in life- Free demos from the PlayStation Store.

This is why I haven't been updating as much, as it turns out I may have taken on more than I could comfortably chew over a few days. As I type, I currently have 50 demos calling my console home, (with several more still to be installed) taking up almost 70gig on my hard drive!

But don't worry, I'm not exactly planning on writing a review on every single demo that plagues my big, black baby (the only one not currently owned by Madonna). Instead I'm simply going to write short reviews on the one's I currently recommend, explaining why they're worth while.

So until I finally finish plowing through them all I thought I'd treat you all with some of the demos that have caught my eye so far...

As I'm not a golf fan, I had no interest in this game. I downloaded it but couldn't get into it. So I called for some help on this one and got my cousin to play it for me. Here are his thoughts (but written by me, so I take all the credit)
Same as others, with some new features- one of which is a replay after a bad shot it cuts to your character getting angry. That's quite funny. (Actually that IS canny funny! The character tends to throw a hissy fit quite a lot!)
If you're a fan of the others, you'll enjoy this demo. For non golf fans this may be harder to get into. (I agree- it bored the hell out of me)

Good Graphics.
Simplistic game play- easy to use. Maybe to simplistic.
Good fun. Worth it to play with a mate.
That's all I have to say on this really. Give it a go with a friend- scoring ridiculous shots is always great fun!

I personally found it a little dull on single player, but when I forced my cousin to play it was so much better. This game (or at least the demo) isn't anything special, it's all been done before, many, many times over. But that doesn't stop it being fun!
The multiplayer game available is split-screen "Hunter vs Hunted". The first person to kill is the hunter and constantly gets points until killed. Just simply running around an abandoned prison trying to kill your friend is heaps of fun. Give it a go, worth having to play with friends.

Graphics are decent, but nothing special. But that doesn't matter too much when it come to something that costs diddly-squat. You play a fellow that is like an assassin from the film (to be honest, it could very well be the main character, but I didn't care enough to notice) and have to work your way from the cargo bay of an aeroplane to the cockpit- killing everything with a pulse on the way.
Fun for a while, but nothing lasting that makes me want to buy the game.
Give it a go.

I'd heard mixed reviews about this games, so downloaded it with plenty of cynical skepticisms. Then I heard those wonderful voices, coupled with a very inviting sound track that simply suck me right back to my childhood.
In the demo you are the 5th, new member of the team and join them to bust a ghost in the library. You use the equipment to track and hunt the unruly ghosts before blasting them with your giant lasers of awesome (as you'd expect really). What I didn't expect was the tension in the atmosphere of the game, causing me to freak out if even a book wobbled on a shelf! Coupled with the lovely tongue-and-cheek commentary of your fellow Ghostbusters over the radio.
I didn't expect to like this demo as much as I did and I'm now seriously considering opening my cob-web riddled wallet and buying the full thing! (I can see online multiplayer being great fun)
You really have to try this one.

I didn't exactly have high hopes for this one, but ended up having a lot of fun and giggling a fair bit! There are a few modes to play with- Training, Challenges, Battle and Multiplayer King of the Hill. This game is easily worth it for the multiplayer alone- me and a few friends played this over and over!
A must have for people with friends. (Unless you hated Little Big Planet, Enter the Dragon and Team America)

This is simply an old-skool flying shooter. Bad guys come from the top, you (and your mate) and at the bottom. Shooting up. At the bad guys. Throw in a few power ups, special moves, ridiculous amounts of bad guys and a few bosses and this turns into a really fun little game.
I can see the appeal wearing off after a while without buying the full game, but it's a good game to try out with a friend for an hour.

I first saw this little genius of a game on a friends PSP. It's another game with an incredibly simplistic idea behind it with leads to very ingenious and complex puzzles to solve.
The idea is to move the world around to ensure the little man walks to his destination safely. If there is a hole in the path you simply move the view around so that it is covered by a wall- out of sight, out of mind- and the man walks straight over it.
Definitely needs to be played to be appreciated.


There. That's your lot for now. I haven't included the games that I hated or lost interest in instantly, but if people would also like to know which demos to avoid (if so, either leave a comment below, send me an email or TWITTER me) then I can write that up in the next installment.

There are other demos I am playing and enjoying that I haven't written up yet because some of these gems deserve much more time on them before I can so a decent, more detailed write up. Others I just simply haven't got around to playing yet (I think "Call of Juarez" is up next!) but will be written up next time.

Any suggestions for demos that you recommend I play, please feel free to write your suggestion on a rock and hurl it through my window.


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