Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Review

Based on the blockbuster film of the same name, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is a movie tie-in to put it bluntly. But before you run away in fear of losing your hard earned cash on a hopeless waste of £40, you might just want to listen to what I have to say..

Revenge of the Fallen is by no means perfect. The story can become repetetive and isn't exactly filled with variety. The graphics are bog-standard for a PS3 game, there's nothing that's going to blow you away and the same could be said for the gameplay in the single player which basically involes the giant robot you're controlling destroying other giant robots which all look exactly the same or repairing another ***** communications array.

But, it can be a lot of fun. The single player aspect contains two different campaigns, in one you play as the good guys, the Autobots and in the other you play as the Decepticons who are the bad guys. Each mini campaign took me around four hours to complete but there's plenty to do once you've finished. You can go back and try and achieve platinum medals in all the missions which awards you with a shiny trophy or play through the missions as different characters. You also buy upgrades with the Energon you collect on upgrades which improve your giant war machines but only marginally. To be honest even when I had Optimus Prime maxed out in health I hardly knew the difference because it really is a challenge to die in the game. Although, a new, more challenging difficulty along with new characters and multiplayer maps are coming out some time in the summer. The replayabilty is by no means brilliant but it will keep you going if you want to get all the trophies.

Let's get to the much better part of the game, the multiplayer. Yes, you read right, ladies and gents, Revenge of the Fallen is a movie tie-in which contains multiplayer and its seriously good fun. The multiplayer only allows for 8 players but there's not just the boring team deathmatch to play around with. Well there's deathmatch as well. Only kidding, you can also try out Control Points which is a simple command post game type like Capture and Hold in Killzone 2. Battle for the Shards is the Transformers version of Capture the flag where pieces of the All Spark are scattered around the maps for you to collect and take back to your base before the other team But my favourite mode is One Shall Stand as it requires real teamwork. One player of each team is chosen as the team leader, either Optimus Prime or Megatron and is the only player who can see the location of the other leader. You have to protect your own leader while trying to kill the other. Also, I've never struggled to find a multiplayer match so there's no Red Faction situation here even though its the superior game but the serves aren't always full so don't always expect a 4 vs 4 match. The best time to go on is in the evening as all the Americans are on and they fill out the serves.

There are fifteen default characters in the multiplayer with a few skins for some of the existing characters. For the Autbots there's the recognisable, metallic faces of the courageous Optimus Prime and the hyper-active sugar addict Bumblebee while the Decepticon team contains the deceiving bugger who is Starscream and the super-powered Megatron. These robots transform into trucks, cars, jets and helictopters so don't go thinking they all look the same on the battlefield like the single player drones.

In conclusion, Revenge of the Fallen is a good movie tie-in. Yes, they do exist, Spider-Man 2 is living proof. The single player is nothing special and will only keep you entertained for a short while. Its great fun playing as the Transformers and zooming around as a jet while firing missiles at a nearby enemy, then transforming back into a robot and taking the guy out in a kick boxing match. Only in multiplayer though, there's no satisfaction in killing a stupid drone who looks exactly the same as the last robot drone you just took out. I wouldn't recommend buying the game for £40, even I didn't but if you see it for around £20 I would say it's worth a shot if your a fan of Transformers.

Overall: 7.4/10

Written by: WADEYBOY2193

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