Wednesday, 29 July 2009

EyePet Boxart And Release Date

Sony Computer Entertainment released details on another interesting game, namely EyePet announcing the game will be in stores on October 2.

Below are some details from an official sales flyer
(The following has been translated from Dutch)

EyePet see you not just on the TV screen, you see him in your living room! Throw him a ball and EyePet runs to the toy after he caught it and it can be fun. You can touch EyePet like a "real" pet: give him to eat, take care of and play it every EyePet even smarter to make.

But the fun does not stop there. The more you EyePet spelled, how beweeglijker, expressive and intelligent he is. You can even draw objects which then on-screen to life. Want to see your flight EyePet a gift to do? Draw a plane and behold how EyePet takes place on your screen in the cockpit. EyePet is family entertainment like you never saw: endlessly evolving and always fun!

• The ideal pet for the whole family.
• EyePet always reacts surprisingly different.
• Draft new toys, select funny clothes and personalize to suit your pet.
• With Dutch localized screen and spoken texts.
• Created an innovative way to use the PLAYSTATION ® Eye camera.

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