Sunday, 8 June 2014

DCUO - More Info On Generators - GU38

More info on generators that are coming in game update 38 its currently on test server

there will be three versions of the stat mods

V .1 (Drops from trash mobs and open world)
V .2 (bought with marks from vendors and drop from bosses in solos and duos)
V .3 (drops from bosses in alerts and raids)

theres also tier versions of each of these which start from 3 these are for everyone with a generator so they maybe drops from t1-3 then 4s are t4 5s are t5 and 6s are t6 below is all the different types

V3.1 V3.2 V3.3 Everyone with a generator
V4.1 V4.2 V4.3 T4 content will need cr rating
V5.1 V5.2 V5.3 T5 content will need cr rating
V6.1 V6.2 V6.3 T6 content will need cr rating

These mods will add to your stats for example +25 precision or +50 restoration 

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