Saturday, 17 May 2014

My Sorcery DPS Loadout Plus Weapon Mastery

Shard of life
Circle of destruction
Soul well


Try to keep fury up at all times and use shard at the beginning of every fight this will put Bad Karma pi on any anything it hits this will help fury as it deals additional damage to enemies inflicted with Bad Karma.

Also when in a room with adds try to keep soul wells up at all times when an add dies near a soul well you and the group (if in range) will receive a critical ability attack chance-field 3% (60secs) and critical weapon attack chance-field 3% (60secs) also the ticks of damage maybe small but it all adds up and the soul wells last along time, its possible to have two up at the same time.

Transmutation is also a hard hitting power that does increased damage when using both shard of life and soul well. It hits multiple targets but will do increased damage if red soul aura(an enemy dies near a soul well or fury) is active or targets are affected with bad karma(shard of life)

Offering is also recommended as it powers and shields your fury pet, and fury uses a lot of power but without power fury cant use its two main powers that hit hard.

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