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DC Universe Online Game Update 37 (Updated 20th May) TEST SERVER

Game Update 37

We have added subtitles to DC Universe Online! Subtitles are now available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and will use the language chosen in the launch pad. To turn subtitles on in game, go to Settings>Audio and turn on Show Movie Subtitles. Parts of the game in French, German, Spanish and Italian are still in the process of being transcribed, and we will continually update the game until all parts are translated as intended.

New Legends Character!
This one looks like a job for Supergirl! Fly into Legends PvP and continue the fight for truth and justice. Supergirl is now available on the Marketplace AND Legends Vendor.
·Members may purchase this item in game for 100 Marks of Legend on a per character basis.
·Members and non-members may purchase this item in the Marketplace.
oThe Marketplace version of this item is redeemable for every character on the account, and it is not tradeable.

Base Improvements!
We’ve taken steps to improve the convenience of your base! Bases are now capable of holding a total of six amenities, up from four. In addition, we’ve also decreased the cooldown on the warp to base, from 30 minutes, down to 10!

New Amazon Fury Part I Feats Added!
Additional Feats have been added for Amazon Fury Part I! In addition, players will find two new iconic encounters in Gotham Under Siege, featuring The Joker and Batman. Some feat values have also been increased. See the below notes for details!

Earth Power Revisions
Based on feedback from our last live update, and from our Test Server, we have made additional changes to Earth Powers, including two new abilities Soothing Hands and Fortify Golem! Please see the Powers section in the notes below for a full description of these changes.

Paysafe Card – PC Only
Players now have the option of making purchases in game using Paysafe Card! This is a popular payment method in Europe and is gaining popularity in other regions, including the United States. This payment method uses our in-game web browser and we hope provides additional convenience for our customers.

·Circe's Trial
oThe names of Daring Statue Bosses have been updated.

·Both Amazon Fury Part I Duos, Supply Lines and Port of Paradise, now count towards the "Complete # Duos" feats.
·Supply Lines
oSub-bosses should no longer reset due to movement within the map. –Live?

·In the Duo, Port of Paradise, The Amazon Queen Brief location has been moved to be more accessible.

·Added support to prevent consumption of items that grant marks if the amount granted would put the player over the cap, resulting in a loss of marks.

·Holding the Line
oVillain: Champion Major will now appear with a KO icon above her head.
oHero: Guard Major will now appear with a KO icon above her head.
·Tour of Duty
oThe enemies near the Boss in Tour of Duty have been moved further away and are less likely to join the fight.

·Themyscira Divided
oWhen the Phoenix is knocked out, the animation no longer pops.

·Amazon Fury Part I
oFixed a visual issue with the Lion pounce ability.
oAmazonian hounds are a bit larger now.
oThemyscira Palace Map: Players should no longer able to exit the gameplay area.
·Adjusted the visual of the first snow plane of Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm, just past the initial tunnel entrances.
·Villains can no longer exit the pit of the Hall of Doom through a hole in the wall collision.

·Fixed a bug in Trigon's Prison where Jinx's voice over is inaudible during a cinematic.
·Fixed a bug where communicators would sometimes stop playing until the next time a player zoned.
·PC ONLY - Clicking on a Collection or Briefing with a mouse will now play the correct audio.

·Increased the amount of base amenities players can have in one base from four to six.
·Reduced Warp to Base cooldown to from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.

·Fixed an issue with the crit bubbles to display the correct text.

·Amazon Fury Part I feat point values have been updated for the following:
oKeep it Safe – 50 points, up from 10
oDon’t Go Ballistic – 25 points, up from 10
oNo Port in This Storm – 25 points, up from 10
oKnight Shift – 25 points, up from 10
oI Got This – 25 points, up from 10

§While in Tank role you will now receive the correct amount of Defense and Toughness based on your Dominance.
§Earth Knockdown Effects
§We've re-tuned the physical effects of knockdowns from Earth powers so that they knock enemies more upwardly than outwardly.
§Power Points
§These have been reset and refunded for Earth power users due to significant changes to the Geokinesis tree.
oSeismic Tree
§The "Crushed" Power Interaction on Shards has had the DoTeffect removed. The damage bonus for the power interaction will now be instant. Range has been increased to 25 Meters
Debris Field
The "Crushed" Power Interaction on Shards has had the DoTeffect removed. The damage bonus for the power interaction will now be instant. Dazed knockdown has been made more vertical, and magnitude was reduced.
Striking Stones
The "Crushed" Power Interaction on Shards has had the DoT effect removed. The damage bonus for the power interaction will now be instant.
Removed Power Cost from first 3 Aftershocks. Reduced base damage on Aftershock attacks. Increased Power Interaction Damage on Aftershock Attacks. Knockdown was made more vertical, and magnitude was reduced.
Knockdown was made more vertical while magnitude was reduced.
Localized Tremor
Knockdown for Dazed bonus was made more vertical while magnitude was reduced. Power Interaction damage will not hit once for more damage, as opposed to additional hits.
Pebble Blast
Knockdown for Dazed bonus was made more vertical while magnitude was reduced. Now does a sphere at target application of the Dazed PI, doesn't have additional damage
Removed Power Cost from Aftershock attacks, reduced cooldown, and now causes additional damage to Dazed enemies.
Geokinesis Tree
No longer summons a weaponized rock, this summons the rock above your enemies like Meteor Strike, and always applies the crushed tag.
Has switched position to the bottom middle of the Geokinesis tree and now increases damage by 50% in Damage role. Totem now heals Golems regardless of your role. The amount healed per tick has increased slightly. It no longer increases Crystal's chance to crit but now increases your chance to crit.
New Ability: Soothing Hands
Heals you while granting immunity to control effects for a short time. In Tank role, increases your Control Resistance by 10% and also removes control debuffs for up to 7 team mates.
New Ability: Fortify Golem
Shields and restores Power over time to your Crystal or Brick Golem. Also increases the strength of Brick's defensive powers based on your Dominance score.
Summon Crystal Golem or Brick Golem
Access to both Crystal and Brick Golems are now available through the purchase of a single trait.
Summon Brick Golem
In damage role, Brick now taunts enemies to protect his master. Taunting enemies consumes Brick's power. In Tank role the "Damage Shift" effect is always active, transferring a portion of your incoming damage to Brick. When relatively healthy Brick uses Jackhammer to damage enemies and significantly reduce the damage he receives. When damaged he uses Self Repair to recover health over time. When severely damaged he will use Envelop once per combat. Each of these special abilities require power for Brick to activate.
Summon Crystal Golem
Crystal now prefers range and use primarily thrown weapon attacks. She uses super powers that can cause considerable damage but require power to activate. Her super powers cause additional damage to enemies who are Dazed or Crushed. Crystal no longer applies group breakout. Being in control of Crystal prevents Weapon Mastery super power critical damage bonuses from applying.
Damage Shift
This ability has been removed and is no longer available. The functionality of this ability is now applied automatically when using Summon Brick Golem while in the Tank role.

Research and Development
·The drop rate for Research and Development components has been slightly increased for Alerts and Raids for Origin Crisis, Sons of Trigon, War of the Light Part I, and Amazon Fury Part I.

·The Enable Ability Tray Fading setting now works again.

·Stalwart Defender chest style should no longer display multiple emblems.

·Players should no longer be able to walk into Raid Teleporters if they do not meet the Combat Rating requirement.

UGC Restrictions – Playstation Only
·Addressed issues with User Generated Content (UGC) Restricted Accounts:
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer track another player's base, even if you have permission, from either the quick menu or from the Map UI. The Base Tracking window will now display message that you are User Generated Content Restricted.
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer give any other player or guild permission to do anything with your base. In the permissions tab of the Mainframe, players will see a message explaining they are restricted.
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer participate in any Lair Battle arenas. Additionally, if you are part of a group, the group leader should not be able to select a 2v2 Lair Battle because you are in the group. Players will see a message that they are restricted from participation. It will NOT tell other players that it's because you are UGC restricted.
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer see the Message of the Day.
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer see custom League names. Other players’ League names appear as "League” or “Your League” to UGC restricted players.
oUGC Restricted Players can no longer see custom League Ranks. League Rank names will always display as the default names.
§These default ranks are: Leader, Officer, Tactician, Veteran, Rival, Member, Sidekick, Initiate, Recruit, Candidate

·Fixed a rare bug where icons would sometimes not display correctly in the ability tray when changing abilities.
·Traits UI - The combo display now updates correctly.
·Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent map overlays in the mini map from showing up.

Weapon Mastery
·The Martial Arts Mastery trait tooltip has been updated to say it requires Enhanced Shuriken instead of Empowered Shuriken.
·The Martial Arts Mastery trait tooltip has been updated to say it requires Spinning Punch instead of Spin Punch.
·The Brawling Mastery combo Stomp Smash into Enhanced Shuriken should now function properly while flying.

oFixed a bug that still had Restoration in the first row of Shield passives. This was updated this to its correct stat, Critical Healing Magnitude.


PC Test was updated May 12th with the following changes:

·Fixed a bug where the animation on certain abilities would fire effects and sounds twice.
·Fixed a bug preventing players from disabling Voice Chat.

Earth Powers
·PC Test Only - Pebble Blast will now correctly damage targets with the Dazed Power Interaction.
·PC Test Only - Earthen Grip no longer shakes wildly when used on an eagle or cockatrice.

Amazon Fury Part I

Themyscira Divided Alert
·The Port Authority feat now shows the correct section of the Warehouse District for each ballista that was restored. Feat progress is unchanged...the list of locations for the ballistae is now in the correct order.

Myth Hunter Master
·The Myth Hunter Master feat will now appear properly on the feat list for Heroes after completing the Myth Hunter Expert feat.

Gotham Under Siege
·Watch Your Step (Hero): The Landmine Defuser is now on duty in the "hero side" of the minefields.

The following update was applied May 14th.

·Restored the PvP node markers to their former appearance.

Old Gotham Subway
·Corrected an issue with Penguin's Flamethrower Umbrella attack that caused it hit for excessive damage and hit you far beyond its visual FX range.

Gotham Wastelands
·Low CR players are properly gated from accessing the content that is above their Combat Rating.

Amazon Fury Part I

Gotham Under Siege
·Satyrs now appear more often in Gotham Under Siege.
·Tour of Duty: Villain - Enemies near the Boss have been moved further away and are less likely to join the fight.
·The Joker and Batman will show up to battle Amazons more often.

Supply Lines
·Fixed a visual issue with the feat "Keep it Safe" showing some bad data in the UI.

·Entomb, Meteor Shower, and Earthquake - Increased the damage.
·Envelop - The encasement can no longer be picked up and is heavier making it harder to be knocked around.
·Soothing Sands - This now has the correct name in the trait tree and loadout menus.
·Sandblast will now deal more damage to targets under 35% health.
·Striking Stones: The effects of this ability now deploy more quickly and will properly trigger Weapon Mastery critical attack bonuses.
·Fortify Golem: Your character will now play an appropriate Earth visual FX when activating this ability.
·Jackhammer and Jackhammer Aftershocks will now cause their knockdown effect whether or not your targets is Dazed.
·Performing Jackhammer Aftershocks increases this duration to 12, 15 or 18 seconds depending on whether you perform 1, 2 or 3 or more Aftershocks.
·Jackhammer: Enemies never gain immunity to the knockdown caused by Jackhammer when deployed from the tray. It now takes roughly nine Jackhammer Aftershocks within 12 seconds for enemies to gain immunity to the knockdown effect, so you are far less likely to encounter this. Jackhammer: Jackhammer now provides damage absorption for nine seconds when used from the tray.
·Rumblecrush: A Damage over Time effect has been added to Rumblecrush.
·Summon Brick Golem
oCorrected an issue that caused the transfer damage game effect to be applied in the damage role.
oWhen you are in the Tank role, Brick will attempt to taunt enemies if you become encased.

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