Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Waiting For Your MAG Beta Code??

If like me you signed up to the MAG Beta competition last week and have yet to receive your code, tomorrow should be the day the rest of us receive our codes.

Shijima European SOCOM & MAG Franchise Producer posted the below message in response to a lot of unhappy people over at the EU Forum who did not receive beta codes yesterday and signed up way before many of the people who did receive codes.

Sorry you haven't had any news so far today but I genuinely had nothing to tell you ... until now! I won't go into details about what went wrong with the process because that doesn't help anyone, but suffice it to say we have learned from this experience and so shouldn't encounter the same problem again (at least, not on my projects).

I realise those people who registered earliest deserved their codes first according to the wording of the competition, so I can only apologise unreservedly for disappointing you and letting you down. Contrary to what some people might think, Sony do care about their community and as a face for Sony on these forums, I make it my job to do my best to help you guys.

Anyway, enough waffle and onto the good news... I can confirm (according to the Ops team) that everyone in all regions who registered but never received their code will be sent one over the course of tomorrow, probably by 2-3pm UK time. Furthermore, in an effort to try and do a Quantum Leap ("put right what once went wrong"), we will be sending out codes to the remaining 20,000-odd people who registered. So, if you managed to register on the site before the competition closed, I am told that you WILL get your code tomorrow (barring any network, ISP or email bounce problems that are beyond our control).

For those of you who missed the registration period, I believe the Community Admins are planning a mini giveaway for each region to give people an extra chance. I'll leave it to them to post more info when they're ready though (probably later this week).

Again, sorry for the balls-up but I hope this goes some way towards making amends.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


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