Tuesday, 15 September 2009

SKATE 3 Confirmed, May 2010

It's official- Skate 3 will be on the shelves by MAY 2010. Great news for all Skate fans, but it does beg the question: Why are they releasing so many Skate titles in so little time? Of course the answer is for the money, obviously, but I'm still having fun with Skate 2.

Personally I think that they should work on some more DLC. It couldn't be that hard to make updates to add more tricks into the game, an option to buy more levels or open up new sections of the map or even make new multiplayer modes- a free roam split-screen would suit me just fine.

(This was a bugger to get a hold of, as the official UK site for SKATE still hasn't been updated, and the American one just re-directs you back to the UK...)

But all this said, I will probably buy this title straight off. As much as I'd prefer DLC, there are some major flaws on Skate 2 that could be fixed or improved- namely the crappy physics when you're off your board...


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