Monday, 17 August 2009

New PS3 concept art?

When it comes to the PS3 Slim, everyone kind of feels like a mushroom. We're all just kept in the dark and fed shit.
Everyone out there is well aware of he rumours surrounding the release, or even the production of, the PS3 slim. I'd put my money on Sony developing the PS3, even if it is quite soon for their track record- Although I would say that the PS3 slim that appeared in a German auction site is most definitely fake.

And with rumours comes cleverly photoshoped concept art.

There has been everything from quite simplistic, "thin, black" designs.

Fancy lo
oking silver models (Basically the same, but in silver...)

And even a fe
w "real pics" floating around.

All pretty bland and boring really. Just the basic PS3 model (which if I'm honest, I think looks lush!) and made a bit smaller. But now it seems people are taking things a bit further- making the PS3 Slim even sexier!

This newly surfaced concept art, whether they're fake or not, gives me hope for an even better looking PS3 Slim then we've previously been lead to believe. Although we're still unsure of Sony's exact take on the Slims release, or even production.

But lets face it- we all know it's coming.



  1. Very very nice looking PS3's...last four pictures look by far the best in my mind.

  2. I think the new ones look great. Hopefully Sony will use a similar idea for the real Slim!

  3. i think it will be the first picture that one looks the best (like the old ps2)